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Florida Security School

Florida Security School was founded with the goal of training Elite Professional Security Guards. Our mission has always been to provide our students with all the tools required in order to excel in their chosen profession. Along with the state required curriculum we strive to instill the core values of Strength, Reliance, Integrity and Trust.

What makes Florida Security School Unique?

We believe that along with our core values and exceptional training methods our staff is what makes the difference. Florida Security School is proud of our staff members. Each of our Instructors brings a unique set of tools and real world experiences to our students. Our Instructors are comprised of Ex Military, Law Enforcement, Investigators and Detectives. All of our instructors have excelled and are highly decorated in their field. By bringing the traditional training along with our cutting edge training methods and our highly specialized instructors all our graduates are always a step ahead of the crowd. Florida Security School has earned the reputation of producing some of the highest level graduates in our field. Because of this reputation we have multiple Security companies recruiting directly from our graduating classes.

Our Staff:

Everyone knows the old saying. " You are only as good as your Team"

Florida Security School has made this their mission. We want to provide our students only the best of best.

We have hired some of the top talents in our industry in order to maintain the highest standard levels in the industry and to make sure that each one of our students if 100% prepared to embark on their Professional Security Office Carrier with the Confidence, Knowledge and core values required to succeed. 


  • Marine Special Forces (Retired)
  • Army Infantry ( Retired)
  • I.D.F Special Forces ( Retired)
  • Private Investigator, Police Officer ( Retired )
  • Police Officer. SWAT ( Retired )
  • Ex Military, Police Officer, Homicide Detective
  • Law Enforcement ( Retired )
  • D,G,DI,K Security Company District Supervisor ( Retired )

All of our Instructors are fully licensed and authorized to train in the state of Florida.

Florida Security School is proud of our accomplishment and always strive to stay ahead of the curve with our cutting edge training techniques. Come experience the Best Security Officer training school and get a head start on your competition by being the best of the best.