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Security Officer D Course

The Florida Security School is proud to offer our Florida unarmed Security D Course.The objective this course is to teach and guide our students in multiple facets of the Security Officers Duties, Obligations and Procedures.

ONLINE/Gun Range

Armed Officer G Course

The Florida Security School is proud to offer our Florida Armed Security G Course.The objective this course is to teach and guide our students through Fire Arm Safety, Marksmanship Techniques, Laws and Regulations.




Management of Aggressive Behavior

Management of Aggressive Behavior

The Florida Security School is proud to offer MOAB Training Course. Our Certified instructors will conduct the Non Lethal Weapons Training Program.This program is designed to Observe, Assess and React to aggressive and Violent behavior with Non Lethal Methods.

Armed Officer G Annual Re certification Course

The 4-hour annual armed g re-certification training will refresh armed security officers and armed private investigators with the skills necessary to re-qualify for the Class ā€œGā€ Statewide Firearm License.


 First Aid, CPR & AED Course

Red Cross First Aid,CPR and AED Course

The Heartsaver First Aid,CPR & AED Course teaches lay rescuers to effectively recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest and choking for adult & child victims. Students will also learn to recognize the warning signs of breathing difficulties, heart attack, and stroke in adults.

Employment Assistance Program

The Florida Security School as part of its on going training services will assist graduating students to secure employment. Florida Security School is widely recognized as the #1 Elite Training school in Florida therefor multiple security companies Hire Directly from our classes.

Finger Print Service

Finger Printing Service

All students enrolled in the Security Office Training Program must have their fingerprints done and submitted to the State for their background checks.Florida Security School provides that service to our students

License Application Assistance

License Application Assistance

The Florida Security School as part of their dedication to student Success assists graduates in completing the application in order to submit their correctly completed application to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOL Division)

Notary Services

All Security License Applications must be notarized prior to submission, The Florida Security School provides that service at our locations.


Here at The Florida Security School we take pride in our students success. We have set up the school with the sole goal of making sure all our students succeed in their career choices. Our programs are set out to guide our students the most cutting edge Industry leading programs and Instructors. That being said we are proud of our 100% graduation rate as well as our all in one services which will guide our students from Course Completion to Acquiring the proper licenses and our Job Placement program. Our students are always encouraged to maintain an open line of communication even after they are licensed we are always here to answer questions and provide guidance. We dont leave any student behind we are with you all the way.


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Non Lethal Weapon Certification

Non Lethal Weapon Certification

The Florida Security School Is offering a unique training program in order for our students to be certified in a variety of Non Lethal Weapons. The Training Covers, Taser Guns, Batons, OC Paper Spray and Handcuffs.

Security guard training classes at Florida Security School are taught by Florida's top security Instructor professionals under the administrative oversight of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,. All of our programs meet and exceed all state and local requirements and will quickly get you on your way to your new career as a Professional Security Officer. In addition to all courses required by law, we take pride in offering Security Officer Training in the use of the latest in security technology, making our graduates uniquely qualified to work with progressive companies and in cutting-edge facilities.

Florida Security School was founded with the goal of training Elite Professional Security Officers. Our mission has always been to provide our students with all the tools required in order to excel in their chosen profession. Along with the state required curriculum we strive to instill the core values of Strength, Reliance, Integrity and Trust.



Florida Security School is committed to the highest level of security guard training including and exceeding all state and county requirements. Florida Security School is dedicated to the success of our students with the most Affordable, Cutting Edge and Professional training courses in order to obtain your Florida Security Officer License.





Concealed Weapon  (CCW)

The 4-hour Concealed Weapons Training will enable any individual the ability to carry a Firearm In Florida as well as 35 participating States.


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Day and Evening Classes Available

Day and Evening Classes Available

Day and Evening Classes Available